Message of the Heart
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Sharen may use charcoal, conte crayons,  pastel, colored pencils or any combination of these to complete the portrait.  She intuitively chooses based on her inner guidance the medium and specific colors for each drawing, whether it be a quick sketch or a more detailed commissioned portrait. 

                         Sometimes the art comes     through as intuitive art in colors, designs or symbols that form a specific message through 
color or feeling.    

Sharen joins together with you in a blessing before she draws with the intent the art be for your highest and best good and what you most need now.

Sharen  is only the conduit for the creative  consciousness energy that comes forth in the art.  She, herself, does not decide what to draw.
Sharen truly believes those we love are always with us in spirit not separated by space or time.  Our hearts are joined in the Light and Love and always will be throughout eternity.  A Message of the Heart Portrait is simply a way to take a little of that love and light into our hearts to bridge the space until we meet again.
Sharen is intuitively guided to bring forth a personal message of the heart just for you through her art.  The drawing may be of a loved one from the other side, an ancestor, past life, spirit guide, or a beloved animal.
What makes Message Of The Heart  art so unique and meaningful is that the art itself is guided BY the unseen realm.  Plus the drawings are OF the unseen realm.  The invisible is made visible through Sacred Spirit Portrait Art.

     A message of love from
     the other side, the spirit
     realm, is received during
     the drawing process.

Even though you may have your heart set on a certain loved one coming through, Sharen cannot guarantee a specific portrait or type of art.  Often a person may be suffering a recent loss and they are sure their loved one or animal will manifest for them.  Sometimes we need to process our grief first.  What we think with our minds and wish for may not be the gift spirit has for us.  The best way to approach Message of the Heart Portrait Art is with an open heart.
 Sacred Spirit Portraits by Sharen Martinson
Life and Death are One, even as the river and the sea are One

                                                           Kahlil Gibran  1883-1931.