Message of the Heart
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                            Animal  Communication

The Message of the Heart our animals are sharing by their very being is to love ourselves and be grateful for the blessing of this life.  They encourage us through their appreciation of our inner nature  to nurture that part of ourselves.   They ask us to focus on feeling instead of thinking, on accepting instead of judging.  Our animals' Message of the Heart is to embrace the joy already placed inside us by that infinite power.  

When we shift into the energy of the heart, clarity appears and the space for understanding and growth opens.  We then join our animals on their journey to bring us back home to joy and love through their message of the heart.

The language of the heart, even the deaf can hear.
                                                                           Helen Keller

Animal communication is simply connecting heart-to-heart with an animal's energy while translating their feelings into words through the use of intuition.   Sharen combines heart-connect energy work with animal communication when sharing your animal's perspective to deepen the understanding and awareness between you and your beloved animal.  The aim is always to restore balance and facilitate a move towards wholeness through the message of the heart. 

With Heart-Connect Energetics by Sharen Martinson